Pro-democracy protesters plan National Day demos in Hong Kong

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Pro-democracy protesters plan National Day demos in Hong Kong

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National Day dawned in Hong Kong bringing with it high expectations of the largest demonstration yet to be organised by pro-democracy protesters.

The territory’s official ceremony to mark the founding of the Chinese Communist Party in 1949 was attended by Hong Kong’s current leader CY Leung – the man protesters want to stand down.

They see him as kowtowing to Beijing’s plans to vet candidates for the next leadership election in 2017

Eighteen-year-old student Dennis Wong believes the Hong Kong government must listen:

‘If a country does things that are right and its people are convinced, people will celebrate on the country’s birthday. But now this is not the case. Even though it’s National Day, many people are standing up and telling this government we are not satisfied with you.”

‘I want to tell people in China that no matter what, Hong Kong people want to maintain One Country, Two Systems, and we want freedom and democracy,’ said 20-year-old waitress Angel Leung.

There is little sign of the campaign flagging – quite the reverse – more than 100.000 people are expected to turn up Wednesday night.

But beneath the apparent confidence there is anxiety as to what will happen when patience on the mainland runs out.