Algerian militant hostage killers identified

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Algerian militant hostage killers identified

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The Algerian government says it has identified some members of the group that executed French hostage Herve Gourdel last week.

The tourist was abducted by insurgents who pledged allegiance to Islamic State militants.

Algerian security forces are searching an area where they believe members of the group may be operating.

The country’s Foreign Miniser, Tayeb Louh, said the preliminary investigation revealed the identity of some of the members that they believe executed the hostage, and arrest warrants have been issued. He also said a special commission has been set up to establish where the execution video was posted and who uploaded it.

On Tuesday a second video was posted on jihadi social media by the same group, reasserting their support for Islamic State militants, but Algerians have also been on the streets protesting against the group and its activities.

‘Not in my name’, read some of the banners.