Al-Nusra denounces 'war on Islam' amid US-led Syria strikes

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Al-Nusra denounces 'war on Islam' amid US-led Syria strikes

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American fighter jets have struck at ISIL targets in Syria near the Kurdish town of Kobani.

US Central Command released a short video showing one of the strikes from an F-15E fighter jet. CentCom said the attack was on an ISIL compound near the Turkey border.

The militant group the al-Nusra Front has denounced the US-led coalition’s strikes on Syria, calling them a “war against Islam” and vowing to retaliate against Western and Arab countries involved.

The air strikes that include some Gulf and European nations killed dozens of Nusra fighters on the first day of the military campaign last week.

There are reports that the attacks have prompted the extremists to change tactics, avoiding conspicuous convoys and planting their black self-proclaimed Islamic State flags on civilian homes.

The US says the coalition campaign is aimed at “degrading and destroying” militants who have captured large parts of Iraq and Syria.