Bad weather fails to ground Athens Flying Week

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Bad weather fails to ground Athens Flying Week

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Athens Flying Week is the biggest airshow in the Balkans region. For three days every year it attracts the best pilots and acrobatic teams from around the world in a unique show that is not about selling planes, but the love of flying and all things in the air, from skydivers to helicopters.

Tatoi airbase is the venue, and it attracted thousands to watch the action over the weekend.

“We don’t practice especially for this, all that you see is included in our standard training. We demonstrate combat maneuvers. Military helicopters do not perfom aerobatic maneuvers, but they are made to cope in every battlefield, under difficult circumstances,” said Greek pilot Nikos Vornitis.

This year, the weather was so bad flying had to be suspended for more than an hour, but it did not stop the show.

Euronews’ Fay Doulgkeri reported from the show: “The impressive “Flying Week” puts Athens on the map of European capitals that host the biggest airshows, not only attracting tourists from around the world, but also promoting the ideals of flying.”