Muslims rally in Paris against ISIL militants

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Muslims rally in Paris against ISIL militants

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Muslims across France travelled to Paris for a rally to honour the life of Hervé Gourdel, the Frenchman killed in Algeria by jihadists, and to show their condemnation for ISIL.

Several hundred people gathered to call for an end to the brutality and to affirm that Islam stands for peace and the respect for life.

“When you see these lunatics beheading people, obviously we are against it. We can not remain silent,” said Zained Ouennoughi.

“I mean it’s not just about Muslims. In the name of mankind, we can’t accept this,” he added. “That’s barbarity.”

“I am here to speak up against what happened in Algeria because it was not a Muslim act, I am telling you sincerely,” said Paris resident Nourredine Boudoukha.”

They are not really Muslims,” she continued, “they are bandits who only want to make money. It’s a barbaric act that all Algerians condemn.”

Flags across France will remain at half-mast over the weekend to honour the 55-year-old French father of two.

Military patrols are already a common sight on the French transport network, but security has been stepped up in public places following the killing.