Launch of iphone6 staggers from disaster to derision

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Launch of iphone6 staggers from disaster to derision

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Polish and other western apples may be banned in Russia right now, but one sort of Apple is not and it is flying off the shelves.

The iPhone 6 has arrived in Moscow, provoking the same sort of consumer hysteria seen elsewhere around the world.

“I am looking forward to it bending in my trousers. Tomorrow it will 
acquire an ergonomic shape,” said one buyer.

Apple designers seem to have underestimated the latest handset’s flexibility and how it wold cope with the strains of being sat on in people’s back pockets.

Added to the hardware woes are the host of glitches that have fouled up the launch of Apple’s new operating system.

Users have noted the US giant is quick to send users downloads of the new U2 album, whether people like the Irish rockers or not, but seems slow when it comes to fixing problems and satisfying customers.

Apple faces trial by internet as well as some customers posting satirical songs or jokes about their struggles with the iPhone 6.