Kids steal show in 'What We Did On Our Holiday'

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Kids steal show in 'What We Did On Our Holiday'

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In “What We Did On Our Holiday” David Tennant and Rosamund Pike star as a feuding couple who take their three children on a trip to the Scottish Highlands to visit their grandfather (Billy Connolly) for his birthday party.

The movie is directed by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, the duo behind the hit British comedy show “Outnumbered” that’s known for its unique filming method, allowing the show’s young cast to improvise a lot of their lines. The same thing happened with ‘What We Did On Our Holiday’.

At the very Scottish flavoured London premiere, comedian Billy Connolly explained what attracted him to the film.

“You know, most of the time especially with comedy stuff, sometimes it’s not all that good written down but you can see where it could go but this one was just there, bang on, and it was lovely and then I looked at the cast and the location and thought ‘Yipee! I can get some fishing in as well’,” said Connolly.

For David Tennant, it was a particular challenge to stay serious: “There are scenes, particularly with the children, that aren’t scripted. It’s actually tightly scripted but then there are holes in it where you just see what happens, and you see what comes up, and that of course is very challenging and very exciting and at times, very hard to keep a straight face, frankly.”

The mother of the family and on-screen wife of Tennant is played by Rosamund Pike, who is currently starring in another British comedy in cinemas, “Hector and the Search for Happiness”. She is also about to be seen in the highly anticipated ‘Gone Girl’, and is hoping the public don’t quickly tire of her.

“You’ve got to keep surprising your audience and you’ve got to not be too present and I do worry that people will get sick of me, so I think I’ll probably go have my baby in November and then lie low a bit. But it is a very exciting professional moment with very different films all coming out at the same time, which is unusual,” said Pike.

“What We Did On Our Holiday” is out now in the UK and set for a staggered released across Europe from October.

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