Hidden camera captures life under ISIL in Raqqa, Syria

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Hidden camera captures life under ISIL in Raqqa, Syria

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euronews has acquired video images secretly filmed using a hidden camera in Raqqa, Syria.

Razan, the lady who filmed this footage in March this year, is Syrian.

She returned to the city after completing her studies, after the militant group calling itself Islamic State (ISIL) declared Raqqa the ‘capital’ of its so-called caliphate.

The images purport to show forced public prayer and militant fighters on the streets.

It’s perhaps an interesting insight into life under the jihadists.

Razan filmed what she said are foreign wives of ISIL fighters, veiled women walking in the street and the enforcement of strict dress codes for women.

Razan filmed one woman in a niqab walking with a young child, an AK47 over her shoulder.

She said many wear the niqab out of fear.

Her undercover camera ventured inside a public kitchen where meals are served in buckets rather than plates. Women and children come here every day to eat food.