Village of murdered Frenchman distraught

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Village of murdered Frenchman distraught

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The village of murdered Frenchman Hervé.Gourdel is in shock following the killing of the 55-year-old mountain guide by jihadists in Algeria.

The mayor of Saint Martin Vésubie, Henri Giuge, expressed his sadness.” This is a tragedy not only for the village, but for the whole of France, for his friends the mountaineers, for his family its horrible.

His fellow villagers are distraught:
“I can’t explain it, it is inexcusable, unforgivable, an absolute tragedy,” said one man in the market square.

“What do I feel, anger, I want to walk. For us walking in the mountains is a way to forget the moment and think about Hervé,” said another.

He leaves a wife and two children.