Nigeria claims it is now free of Ebola cases

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Nigeria claims it is now free of Ebola cases

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Amid dire predictions the Ebola virus could spread out of control in parts of Africa, Nigeria is claiming success in containing the disease.

The country’s president says that after an outbreak there are no longer any cases in Nigeria, with strict quarantine procedures having been applied.

The race is on to try to find a vaccine, with researchers testing experimental drugs. Oxford University in the UK is one place where fast-track testing is underway.

Professor Adrian Hill at the Jenner Institute said: “This is a remarkable vaccine trial. Just about a month ago, we had no idea that this vaccine existed or was going to be available for clinical testing.”

Meanwhile, a Red Cross team in Guinea has been attacked while trying to recover the bodies of Ebola victims.

This as 27 people were taken into custody elsewhere in the country in connection with the murder last week of eight members of an Ebola medical team.