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Singer Paolo Nutini aims to crack the US market

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Singer Paolo Nutini aims to crack the US market

There can be few if any British music fans who have not heard of Paolo Nutini.

The Scottish soul singer is a household name in the UK and his third album ‘Caustic Love’ has already topped the charts. His new offering is a bittersweet collection of ballads mixed with classic soul.

Now Nutini is hoping to replicate that success Stateside and crack the big and lucrative US market.

‘Iron Sky’ his latest single is a politically driven track. It features an extract from Charlie Chaplin’s infamous speech from the 1940 anti-war satire ‘The Great Dictator’, but Nutini explained it is not about any particular conflict.

“A lot of people are saying, is it about Scottish independence, is it about Palestine, is it about Ukraine, is it about these things? But the reality is that the world is constantly throwing up and regurgitating examples of what the song could be about. War for me is a battle. The idea of a war and a battle is a political knot that can’t be untied by the tongue, by a conversation,” said Nutini.

Nutini’s third album ‘Caustic Love’ is out now and the Scottish singer is currently on tour.

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