ISIL among main issues at UN General Assembly

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ISIL among main issues at UN General Assembly

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Fears over global security will cast a dark shadow at the United Nation’s General Assembly this year. It is not only the Islamic State militants causing concern for world leaders.

A few days before the summit, Isabelle Kumar spoke to the UN’s Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who laid out his priorities.

“First, ISIL terrorism this is a threat to all humanity. Second, climate change, this is a defining issue of our time. And another one Ebola outbreak in West Africa. These are three most critical, important and serious crises which require urgent action and mobilizing massive resources and political will,” he explained.

A record number of world leaders are expected at this year’s meeting. They will be trying to make headway on these issues but given a lack of unity between some key nations it’s unclear if any concrete measures will emerge.

Euronews’ Isabelle Kumar said: “There are also likely to be questions over reform at the of UN, amid growing frustration at the veto power of the security council 5 permanent members who stand accused of using that power to block key security issues to protect their own interests.”