Protesters demand action on climate change ahead of major summit

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Protesters demand action on climate change ahead of major summit

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Protesters demanding action on climate change have marched through London to parliament. Amongst the crowd were high profile celebrities, such as actress Emma Thompson, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and musician Peter Gabriel.

“Well I have been convinced, and I have been pretty rubbish about being green in my own life, but in recent months I am now certain that this is a very real threat to our own survival and that we are blindly ignoring it at our peril,” said former Genesis vocalist, Peter Gabriel.

“Quite a lot of us, especially our government, have been playing a gigantic and deadly game of grandmother’s footsteps with climate change and now that grandmother has turned around and is chasing us,” said Emma Thompson.

There have been 2,000 demonstrations against climate change around the world.

In New York UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio “Messenger of Peace” ahead of a major climate summit on Tuesday, set to be the largest gathering of world leaders on climate change in history.

Heads of state and government will join leaders from business and civil groups to announce new commitments and actions to address climate change.