Opposition calls for Pakistan prime minister's resignation

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Opposition calls for Pakistan prime minister's resignation

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In Pakistan, a huge demonstration has taken place in Karachi calling for the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, to resign.

It was organised by opposition leader Imran Khan, who accuses Nawaz Sharif of fraud during last last year’s election.

The rally was attended by thousands of opposition supporters and was generally good natured. Khan insisted the protests will not stop until Sharif goes.

“No one was ever caught and punished for rigging the elections”, Khan told supporters, “those who have usurped the rights of the people were never caught and that is why I have come out. I am telling you Nawaz Sharif, until you resign this campaign will not end.”

But the prime minister, at a ceremony to open a gas well, remained defiant.

“Pakistan’s 180 million people have elected Nawaz Sharif as their prime minister. Why should I resign at the demand of 5000 people?”

Sharif is also threatening to close down a protest camp set up over a month ago outside government offices in the capital Islamabad.

The protesters say they won’t leave until he resigns and answers to the law.