No Ebola travel ban in West Africa, suggests UN agency

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No Ebola travel ban in West Africa, suggests UN agency

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggested there should be no ban on travel or trade with countries affected by an Ebola outbreak outbreak in West Africa.

The UN agency said Ebola outbreaks in Senegal and Nigeria are “pretty much contained,” however the virus remains a international public health emergency.

In the Nigerian capital Abuja schools have stepped up their screening with infra-red temperature scanners.

Reisky Benson, Principal of Divine Grace Secondary School explained why: “We don’t want to take any chances. Any form of high temperature, once the person is able to beat our security check, which I think is very difficult, the teacher in the class will immediately alert the nurse who will take appropriate care so we are fully aware.”

Pedro Charles, a parent, said he is impressed with the standard of hygiene inside the school complex.

“Initially when you come you are being allowed into the school compound. But now to actually prevent such outbreak you are not allowed to go in. You park your car outside and from the gate your temperature, you know, measured. And I can see that when I went in. I saw the environment is very clean and every other thing they put in place so there is no fear. There is no cause for alarm,” he said.

The WHO’s latest report said the overall death toll has risen to 2,793 out of 5,762 cases.

There were no new deaths reported in Guinea, four in Sierra Leone and 39 in Liberia.

A separate Ebola outbreak has killed 40 people in Democratic Republic of Congo, where there have been 71 cases.