David Gray seeks epiphany with his latest album 'Mutineers'

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David Gray seeks epiphany with his latest album 'Mutineers'

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Singer songwriter David Gray is back with his tenth studio album, ‘Mutineers’ and 'Back in the World' is the first single to be released from his long awaited album.

The artist, who begins his US tour September 21, explained why this offering is different from his others.

“I realised I was looking for some kind of epiphany, some new sonic terrain to see something that would inspire me and lift me to capture some kind of hallelujah moment, some sort of energy rather than just the jottings of a middle aged man set to music. I wanted to sort of… I wanted that uplift.”

Gray admits he remains a very private person. However, this 11 song album contains one of his most personal songs ever – ‘Snow in Vegas’ is about himself and his wife, Olivia.

He revealed: “It’s the closest thing on the record to a moment of inspiration and inverted commas. I can vividly remember the writing of it, as I say I’ve been toying with it for so long and I’ve written all these images down. Imagining some snow falling on Vegas, I had this huge welter of images and I thought it was going to be a sort of bizarre descriptive song but in fact it became a metaphor for the seemingly impossible.”

Gray released his first studio album, ‘A Century Ends’ in 1993 but it was not until the 1998 release of ‘White Ladder’ that he received worldwide attention. He has been nominated for four Brit Awards – twice for Best British Male.

‘Mutineers’ is out now.

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