France's PM faces crucial confidence vote

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France's PM faces crucial confidence vote

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The new French government faces a no-confidence vote on Tuesday just weeks after being reshuffled.

Prime Minister Manuel Vals has called the motion to face off critics in and outside his party over his plans to boost employment.

So far only 208 Socialist MPs have publicly declared their intentions to back the government.

Polls suggest a victory for Manuel Vals but only by a slim margin because no-one wants to trigger fresh elections. But deeper splits within the Socialist party seem certain.

France’s cabinet collapsed last month following the resignation of Finance Minister Arnaud Montebourg.

He stepped down along with two others claiming the government should pursue growth rather than austerity measures.

His replacement Emmanuel Macron has proposed lowering the tax burden on employers in the hope that it will spur hiring and put the French economy back on track.

The prime minister last faced a vote of no-confidence back in April but since then the popularity of the government, and most notably President Hollande, has plummeted.