Ebola: EU states urged to commit additional cash

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Ebola: EU states urged to commit additional cash

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EU countries are being pushed to do more to tackle the latest outbreak of Ebola in Africa, where more than 2,400 people have died.

Having already promised 149 million euros, the EU Commission has launched an appeal for member states to provide additional health and humanitarian aid.

At a high level meeting between several ministers, EU commissioner Kristalina Georgieva admitted that the international response had been sluggish.

“When the warning signs were there, it took some time for the world community to pay attention. The humanitarian community see trouble brewing before the world the rest of the world, so please listen to us when we speak up and don’t wait,” she said.

Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Nigeria have been worst affected by Ebola, which has recently spread to Senegal. The World Health Organisation described the latest outbreak as the worst ever.

Emlab, the EU’s mobile laboratory project for infectious diseases, has already mobilised several teams to West Africa.

As well as European assistance, reports suggest US President Barack Obama will ask Congress for $88 million
to contribute to this latest health crisis.