Clinton "thinking" about second US presidency bid

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Clinton "thinking" about second US presidency bid

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A high-profile appearance by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has reignited speculation that she may run for the White House for a second time.

Addressing a 10,000-strong crowd at a Democrat meeting in Iowa on Sunday, she said she hadn’t yet decided whether to declare her candidacy for the 2016 US presidential campaign.

“Well, it is true I am thinking about it,” Clinton said to applause from the audience. “But for today that is not why I am here, I’m here for the steak.”

‘The Steak’ being an annual steak fry fundraiser organised by Senator Tom Harkin, who is retiring next year.

Clinton was joined at the event by her husband and former president Bill, who served two terms in the 1990s.

Mrs Clinton recently told another public forum to expect her decision in January.

In 2008, she stood down as a presidential candidate which allowed Barack Obama to win the White House.

The release of her memoirs ‘Hard Choices’ earlier this year caused pundits to suggest the book was laying the foundations for a 2016 election campaign.