Independence vote in Scotland sparks debate in Wales

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Independence vote in Scotland sparks debate in Wales

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As the independence debate rages in Scotland around 400 people in the Welsh capital Cardiff came together to urge Scots to vote to leave the union.

The referendum in Scotland has sparked discussion in Wales.

“Wales will never get independence. What have we got? We have nothing to offer. Scotland has got oil, but we’ve got nothing here. It’s been ravaged,” said one man

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood believes a ‘Yes’ vote in Scotland will have an impact in Wales:“This is a great opportunity to disperse that power, to decentralise that power away from London and the South East and to make sure that when the debate happens, after they vote ‘Yes’ in Scotland next week, that Wales is there making sure that we get the kind of settlement and the kind of deal that we desperately need and deserve.”

Welsh nationalists want a constitution to be penned in Cardiff by the people of Wales and believe independence is a right, not an aspiration.