Chile commemorates coup anniversary

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Chile commemorates coup anniversary

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The president of Chile has marked the 41 st anniversary of the country’s 1973 military coup during which then President Salvador Allende was killed.

Michelle Bachelet visited a replica of Allende’s office with his daughter Isabel who is head of the Senate.

Bachelet led a solemn commeration ceremony within the government palace in the country’s capital Santiago:
“September 11 is synonymous with pain and loss for our entire society. It is the date that reminds us of the terrible divisions among our people. It reminds us of what we don’t want ever again,” said Bachelet.

General Augusto Pinochet led the coup which marked the start of his ruthless dictatorship during which thousands of people simply vanished. Around 1,000 have never been found.

A march to remember the disappeared turned violent on Thursday as protesters threw rocks and petrol bombs and clashed with police. A bus was set on fire and at least 20 people were arrested.