'Too little, too late?' as political leaders 'lovebomb' Scotland ahead of referendum

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'Too little, too late?' as political leaders 'lovebomb' Scotland ahead of referendum

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With just over a week until Scots vote on independence, the leaders of the three main UK parties have dashed up to Scotland to urge voters to stay within the United Kingdom.

Opinion polls at the weekend showed the ‘yes’ campaign narrowly in the lead, causing panic amongst politicians in Westminster.

On Tuesday the leaders backed plans to handover new powers including greater control over finance, welfare and taxation on September 19 – the day after the referendum.

Political Journalist and historian, David Torrance, who has written a biography of Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, says the political leaders should have got involved much earlier.

“It looks panicked but of course that could be a bubble media assessment. Most electors are not looking at these things in any depth. It does strike me as too little too late.

“There’s just over a week to go until the independence referendum. At that late stage for the three Westminster party leaders to come up and ‘lovebomb’ Scotland and say ‘Please Don’t Go.’ Sure that’s fine, but they should have been doing it a year ago and they should have been doing it much more consistently.”

Alex Salmond dismissed the promise of more powers to Scotland as a sign of “absolute panic” by the “Westminster elite”

As both sides battle to win over those who are undecided, Scotland’s future is just too close to call.