Salmond slams Cameron for briefing against Scotland

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Salmond slams Cameron for briefing against Scotland

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Scottish Nationalist leader Alex Salmond may have regretted delivering his big speech to an international audience on Thursday, as the press agencies and that audience were glued to the Oscar Pistorius trial.

On the anniversary of the 1997 referendum when Scots voted for their current devolved administration, Salmond defended his dream.

“Scotland is on the cusp of making history. As a country we are re-discovering self-confidence. As a nation, we are finding our voice. We have the contrast of Mr.Cameron yesterday, telling us how much he respected and admired Scotland and the Scottish people, while behind the scenes both the Treasury and indeed his own business advisor were busy trying to galvanise leading business people to say anything they could negative about Scotland,” he said.

Most of the latest polls have seen a strong surge in the Yes vote, bringing the pro-independence camp neck and neck with the Nos, who held a double-digit lead until just over a month ago.

There remain many undecided voters the No camp would like to win over, but Scottish polling patterns look remarkably similar to those in Quebec in 1995, which only remained part of Canada by one percent of the vote. It is too close to call in Scotland, with just a week to go.