Platini takes swipe at FIFA's failure to tackle discrimination

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Platini takes swipe at FIFA's failure to tackle discrimination

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UEFA President Michel Platini took aim at FIFA’s stance towards discrimination during the 2014 World Cup.

The Frenchman said football’s world governing body failed to show zero tolerance at the event.
During the World Cup German supporters blacked their faces during the game against Ghana while Croatia fans displayed neo-Nazi flags and insignia.

“It’s all well and good to create committees and task forces but you will get nowhere without infrastructure and… rules,” the former St Etienne and Juventus player said.

UEFA put up a complex monitoring system of all high risk matches so that, unlike the World Cup in Brazil, zero tolerance is really put into practice.”

“Gone are the days of football in Europe as sport for middle class, white male chauvinists and it will never return,” he added.

“Football includes, it welcomes, it integrates, it does not exclude or discriminate against anybody, it accelerates progress in society.” ​

Last month Platini announced he would not be challenging Sepp Blatter, who has decided to stand for a fifth term as president of FIFA.

The former France international said: “I will not support him, I know it, I have looked him in the eye and said it. I have said since 1998 that I would support him and now I have said, ‘look, I won’t support you anymore’.”