Ebola death toll jumps to 2,300

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Ebola death toll jumps to 2,300

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The death toll from the worst Ebola outbreak in history has jumped by almost 200 in one day and now hovers around the 2,300 mark, according to the World Health Organisation.

It said as well as struggling to contain the disease, the organisation is having difficulty compiling data on the number of people infected by the virus.

Meanwhile, in Italy tests have confirmed that a patient with a suspected case of Ebola was instead suffering from malaria.

The health ministry in Rome said the patient is a 40-year-old woman who had recently returned to Italy from Nigeria.

In the US state of Georgia, an American doctor suffering from the deadly virus has arrived for treatment in Atlanta.

The doctor, who has not been identified, was working in Sierra Leone when he tested positive, according to US authorities.

Medical workers have been hit hard by the epidemic, 120 have died according to WHO.