Western anti-hero stars in Train's new video clip

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Western anti-hero stars in Train's new video clip

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'Bulletproof Picasso' is American rock band Train’s seventh studio album.

While its sound stays within familiar territory, the album definitely stands out with its weird title, which members say refers to the band’s longevity: just like Pablo Picasso, Train will continue creating music, dodging every bullet shot at it.

“I think the title was the most intriguing, like ‘Bulletproof Picasso’ is a very odd combination of words and so I don’t really know… In the song it’s basically, I’m asking, are you an indestructible artist or art… and then we thought ‘I don’t know, ‘Bulletproof Picasso’ kind of fits Train,” says lead singer, Pat Monahan.

For the video clip of their lead single ‘Angel in Blue Jeans’, Train enlisted US actor Danny Trejo, best known for his roles as villains and anti-heroes like his famous Machete character in the Robert Rodriguez movies.

“You know that song just kind of has a, like a Western feel to it and I mean Danny Trejo was just an awesome choice. I think they were envisioning somebody like him and we were able to get him, so it worked out really awesome,” says band member Jimmy Stafford.

Train, which according to its own members has never been “cool” or “hip”, is hoping to achieve more mainstream success with this new album.

‘Bulletproof Picasso’ is out this month.

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