Psychological thriller reunites Kidman and Firth

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Psychological thriller reunites Kidman and Firth

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Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth star as husband and wife in ‘Before I go to sleep’ – a thriller based on SJ Watson's best-seller of the same name.

The film tells the story of Christine, who, following a brutal accident, wakes up each day having forgotten everything. She spends each day trying to piece back together her life, memories and the people in it.

“I drew a graph of the emotional arc that Christine goes over, just for my own clarification, and it’s extraordinary. I mean, I did a sort of timeline and I did intensity and there are so many hugely significant and traumatic experiences that she goes through. And I did a positive and negative, she also experiences intense joy. So I certainly needed an actor who I could trust to be able to take me to emotional extremes in a way that I would believe completely,” said the movie’s screenwriter and director Rowan Joffe about choosing Nicole Kidman for the role of Christine.

The movie reunites Firth and Kidman, who played an on-screen couple in last year’s war drama, ‘The Railway Man’. They are also scheduled to work together on a third movie, ‘Genius’, due out next year.

“I love working with him (Firth) because he’s just very… he’s just such a fine actor and it helps when you’re working with somebody who’s so talented. And he kind of gets, rhythmically, I think he gets me. He can make me laugh and he’s “no frills”, he doesn’t come in with any airs and graces, he’s just very easy,” said Kidman of her co-star.

British actor Mark Strong completes the menage à trois in his role as neurosurgeon Dr Nash, who starts sewing the seeds of doubt in Christine’s mind about what exactly happened to her.

The movie has opened to mixed reviews. While critics have generally praised the three main actors’ performances, one described it as "a dull ping-pong of red herrings" and another as "a clinical thriller".

‘Before I Go to Sleep’ is on global release from now.

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