Iraqi forces make further advances against ISIL

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Iraqi forces make further advances against ISIL

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The Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Armed forces has announced further advances against Islamic State militants in the Barwana district of Anbar Province.

Supported by a local tribe, the troops launched a massive operation to regain control.

On Monday, it was reported that a large area seized by ISIL near the strategic Haditha dam had been liberated.

At least 70 people have reportedly been killed in the latest fighting.

Meanwhile, the UK has said it will send machine guns and ammunition to Iraq to help the new government in its battle against the Islamic State militants.

This announcement comes after a request by Iraqi and Kurdish forces.

Britain joins Germany, France and Italy, which have already agreed to send weapons.

Washington has announced that Secretary of State John Kerry will take part in a meeting in Saudi Arabia on Thursday along with Turkey and Arab nations, with the aim of building an international coalition against ISIL.