Greenhouse gases hit record levels

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Greenhouse gases hit record levels

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The World Meteorological Organisation has added its weight to the rising chorus of voices expressing alarm at the slow pace of tackling global warming.

Carbon dioxide levels rose last year at their fastest rate since 1984, and are now at an absolute record level in the atmosphere.

“So we have to really take urgent action. The more that we wait, the more challenging it will be, the more expensive it will be, and at some point the goal to decrease will no longer be achievable if we don’t take action now . It’s still possible but it requires urgent action,” said WMO Secretary Michel Jarraud.

More greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is no surprise, but it was recently found that one of them – CFC – which destroy atmospheric ozone and let through too much dangerous ultraviolet radiation, are still in the air despite being banned 20 years ago.