Iraqi parliament to vote on new cabinet

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Iraqi parliament to vote on new cabinet

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The Iraqi parliament is scheduled to hold a vote of confidence for the country’s new proposed government this Monday.

Prime Minister-designate Haider al-Abadi’s cabinet has not yet been revealed but he is expected to include representatives of all the country’s religious and ethnic components in a bid to save Iraq from collapse.

The parliamentary changes have been met with scepticism on the streets of the capital Iraq.

“It is a way of deceiving society and citizens. It’s a continuation of the system of sectarian and ethnic quotas with some new and old faces to make it look like something good,” explained Sabah al-Mousawi.

“The Iraqi people must change if they want to to change their own lives and the hateful faces of the politicians,” said teacher, Safa Mounir al-Halsh.

Outgoing Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki won the most votes of any candidate in April’s national elections. However, he dropped his bid to run for a third term after losing support from Shia, Sunni and Kurdish political blocs.