Houthi protesters killed in Yemen

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Houthi protesters killed in Yemen

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Weeks of protests over fuel price rises turned violent in Yemen on Sunday night after riot police used tear gas and water cannon to clear access to Sanaa airport. Protesters claim one person was shot dead and several were hit by bullets.

Sanaa hospital later said another died of tear gas inhalation.

Riot police were deployed around the interior ministry. Security forces then enforced an ultimatum to leave after crowds flying Hezbollah flags and carrying portraits of Bashar al-Assad tried to block access to the telecoms and electricity ministries, also located along Airport road.

Tens of thousands of Shi’ite Houthi people, who are in rebellion against what they call a “Muslim brotherhood” government and are fighting the army in their northern highlands, have been camped near the capital to press their political demands.

These include a purge of corruption and more say for their community in majority Sunni Yemen.