Al Shabaab kill 12 in Somali bomb attacks

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Al Shabaab kill 12 in Somali bomb attacks

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Somali Islamist rebel group, al Shabaab, has claimed responsibility for twin attacks that killed at least 12 people on Monday.

The bombs had targeted a convoy of African Union troops and a government convoy of police and national security forces near the capital Mogadishu. Instead they hit civilian vehicles.

The attack marks al Shabaab’s first major assault since promising revenge for the death of its leader Ahmed Godan in a US strike last week.

The rebels have since pledged allegiance to Al Shabaab’s new head Ahmed Abu Ubaida and reaffirmed its affiliation to al Qaeda.

A senior leader with the Islamist militants issued a new set of threats on Monday against the United States as well as Kenya and Uganda who contribute troops to the African Union forces in Somalia.

The rebels have carried out attacks since losing control of the Somali capital in 2011.