US actress Chastain lauded at Deauville Film Festival

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US actress Chastain lauded at Deauville Film Festival

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Actress Jessica Chastain is one of dozens of stars of American cinema to be welcomed to Deauville in Normandy for the town’s annual film festival.

A beach hut in the coastal town was named after the 37-year-old rising star on Friday.

Her latest flick The Disappearance of Elenor Rigby will be previewed during the week-long gala.

A number of top French stars also stepped onto the Deauville red carpet alongside Chastain, who described what it felt like to be picked out by the French.

“To be honest I was surprised when they asked me to be honoured here because I still think ‘Why me?’ It’s touched me very deeply: I love this festival, it’s always been very supportive and encouraging of me. It’s really a dream come true to be in France and talking about films,” she said.

Tributes were paid to her role in Zero Dark Thirty which saw Chastain nominated for an Oscar. Another film, Tree of Life won the 2011 Palm D’or at Cannes.

Frédéric Ponsard, our correspondent in northern France told us: “The Americans have made a habit of landing on the beaches of Normandy – over the past 40 years in a peaceful manner, accompanied by the stars of American cinema. The film festival will be a tightly fought competition alongside several premieres.”