America goes hungry as fast food workers strike for better pay

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America goes hungry as fast food workers strike for better pay

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Popping out for a quick bite to eat in America was a problem on Thursday as fast food workers in more than 150 cities went on strike for better pay and working conditions.

Pressure over pay is mounting on legislators and employers with the economy rebounding. The Democrats want to use low wages as an issue to boost their midterm elections chances, and President Barack Obama has called on Congress to raise Federal salaries. Cities around America are also raising wages for their public service employees.

“We’re asking for and we’re demanding15 dollars per hour. We’re not asking for so much, we’re just asking for, about, so much so we can be able to live and survive in New York,” said Michael Gonzalez. The world’s number one fast food chain pays him the equivalent of 6.18 euros an hour.

“I’m here for a better salary, a better life, because I want to advance in life. the minimum wage doesn’t allow you to progress. We’re always in the same situation, and one wants to improve their and their family’s lives,” said Jame Izquierdo, who gets by on the same money.

At least 100 arrests have been made during the peaceful protests, while another low paid group, home helpers, has joined the burger flippers in solidarity.

Next year federal contractors will have to pay the equivalent of 7.80 euros an hour, more than the current 5.60 euros. The fast food workers want 11.59.