George Ezra to release new single following hit 'Budapest'

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George Ezra to release new single following hit 'Budapest'

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Following the success of his debut album and hit single ‘Budapest’, British newcomer George Ezra is releasing his new upbeat album opener 'Blame It On Me' as a single.

A standout track of many festival slots this summer, it comes ahead of the singer-songwriter’s sold-out UK tour starting in October.

The young artist explained his inspiration: “I wrote a big chunk of the album while I was travelling around Europe. But ‘Blame It On Me’ is not one of those songs. ‘Blame It On Me’ I wrote – I moved to Bristol about four years ago and that’s when I started to get busy, kind of playing as much as I could and writing as much as I could and I guess ‘Blame It On Me’ was a song that I wrote – a realisation, kind of, that unless I get busy then who can I blame?”

‘Budapest’ spent eight weeks in the top 10 this summer and his critically acclaimed debut ‘Wanted on Voyage’ went straight to number three in the UK album chart.

With his new offering, Ezra hopes people will take the time to listen to it from beginning to end – something they rarely do in today’s age of digital downloads and online streaming. “The nice thing is a lot of the songs came from the same place – the trip,” he explained.

“We recorded about 20 or 25 songs and, yeah, it’s a challenge. But you just have to be honest with how… It was important to me that the album flowed as an album and it wasn’t just a collection of songs thrown together, so then, once you’re doing that, it becomes a bit easier.”

George Ezra will be on tour across the UK and several European cities including Berlin, Madrid and Vienna from October.

‘Blame It On Me’ is out on 15 September.

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