US confirms authenticity of Islamic State beheading video

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US confirms authenticity of Islamic State beheading video

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A video showing the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff by his captors from the self-styled Islamic State group is authentic according to Washington.

Sotloff’s family in Miami have asked for privacy.

He looks to have been killed by the same man with a British accent who beheaded US journalist James Foley. The masked figure said a hostage from the UK would be next.

Spokesman for the Committee to Protect Journalists, Robert Mahoney, expressed concern about others being held in Syria.

“According to our research there are some 20 journalists that are still held as hostages. Most of them are Syrians. We’re obviously deeply, deeply worried for them because it appears that there is very little that can be done for them,” he said.

IS militants formally known as ISIL want the US to stop bombing their fighters in Iraq. Air strikes recently drove the militants back, helping Iraqi and Kurdish forces take back control of the towns of Amerli and Sulaiman Bek.

Shortly after the release of the video, President Barack Obama announced the sending of about 350 more troops to Baghdad to protect the US embassy in the Iraqi capital.