Stellar trio lights up red carpet in Venice

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Stellar trio lights up red carpet in Venice

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A stellar trio made up of actresses Chiara Mastroianni, her mother Catherine Deneuve and Charlotte Gainsbourg hit the carpet in Venice for the screening of their latest film 'Trois Coeurs' (‘Three Hearts’) by French director Benoit Jacquot.

In this love triangle competing for the film festival’s Golden Lion, Mastroianni and Gainsbourg play two sisters who unwittingly fall in love with the same man, played by Belgian actor Benoit Poolevorde.

At the screening in Venice, Charlotte Gainsbourg talked about working with director Benoit Jacquot: “Benoit has a very special way of making you feel that you’re in command, that you have to decide if you like the take or not. Because he is always happy, he’s not easily happy, he’s just happy if you are. So he makes you very responsible,” she said.

Italian film maker Saverio Costanzo presented his latest film 'Trois Coeurs'’Hungry Hearts’, featuring Italian actress Alba Rohrwacher alongside ‘Girls’ star Adam Driver.

The film is part romantic-comedy, part love story and part horror movie as it plays between the lines of genres. What starts as a romcom with Jude and Mina falling in love and marrying soon turns into a Rosemary’s Baby-style horror flic.

Costanzo says writing the screenplay just after splitting from his wife made the process all the more poignant.

“Writing was cathartic because I started seeing myself with more pity. I started not to judge myself so much and to forgive myself so my personal story got together with the story of the book,” he said.

‘Hungry Hearts’ is one of 20 films vying for the coveted Golden Lion at the 71st Venice film festival, which will be announced on the 6th of September.

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