Not all children back to school in Ukraine

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Not all children back to school in Ukraine

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Schools across most of Ukraine reopened their doors on Monday (September 1), after the summer holidays.

The day is traditionally a big one for families, and like thousands of other Ukrainian parents, Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk took his daughter to school. While there, he told waiting journalists that not all schools had reopened, but that he was committed to defending the country for future generations:

“The first of September ceremony was not held in every school. There is not a peaceful sky over every part of Ukraine. We must fight for a peaceful sky. The whole of Ukraine, a huge joint Ukrainian’s people’s front, must fight for a peaceful sky.”

Aleksan Pastukhov, the head teacher of Slaviansk School, attended by Yatsenyuk’s daughter, spoke in Russian:
“We hope that peace will finally be established here and that children will receive knowledge that will be useful in their future lives.”

The first day back at school is traditionally celebrated by children wearing embroidered shirts, carrying balloons and giving flowers to their teachers.