IS pushed out of Sulaiman Pek

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IS pushed out of Sulaiman Pek

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Shi’te militia and Kurdish fighters, supported by the Iraqi air force, have taken control of the town of Sulaiman Pek. The town, which is south of Kirkuk, has been a key stronghold for Islamic State militants since it was captured 11 weeks ago.

Sulaiman Pek is near Amerli, where thousands of mainly Shi’te Turkmen were besieged by Islamic State militants until Iraqi forces broke through on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the U.S Air Force has dropped 10,000 gallons of drinking water and other essential humanitarian supplies into Amerli, which has been besieged for two months. They also carried out strikes against the Islamic State fighters surrounding the city.

The Human Rights Council in Geneva heard a long list of horrific atrocities said to have been committed by the Islamic State militants.

The Iraqi Minister of Human Rights, Mr. Mohammed Shia’ Al Sudani, said: “The so-called IS is not an Iraqi phenomenon. It is a transnational organisation that is an imminent danger for all countries of the world. It defies all human rights principles and international laws.”

He went on to describe Islamic State militants as “evil people” who have compounded their crimes by filming them and putting them on social media. “They are doing these acts before the cameras,” he pointed out.