Iraq troops claim victory as two-month Amerli siege broken

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Iraq troops claim victory as two-month Amerli siege broken

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In Iraq, a two-month siege by Islamic State (IS) militants has broken in the town of Amerli.

Iraqi security forces backed by Shi’ite militias entered the northern town on Sunday.

It was hailed a huge victory for the Iraqi security forces after the Sunni militants seized almost one-third of the country’s territory.

Fighting continued in several villages to the north of Amerli.

The US had carried out air strikes on Islamic state positions near the town on Saturday.

US President Barack Obama authorised the limited military operation to allow humanitarian air drops to take place and to prevent IS attacks on civilians there.

More aid was dropped from British, French and Australian planes.

Meanwhile fighting raged elsewhere in Iraq. In the western city of Ramadi a suicide bomber killed 22 security personnel and 15 civilians.

The following footage from the U.S Air Force shows the moments leading up, during and following the air-drop.

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