Clashes on sidelines of Stockholm neo-Nazi rally

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Clashes on sidelines of Stockholm neo-Nazi rally

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Clashes have broken out between police and activists protesting against a neo-Nazi rally in Stockholm.

The violence erupted on the sidelines of a march by around 150 members of the far-right Party of the Swedes.

Four police officers and three civilians suffered slight injuries.

Thousands of people gathered in downtown Stockholm to protest peacefully against the march, but a few dozen masked activists attacked police with firecrackers, bottles, eggs and panels from a security fence.

Police had sealed off large parts of the city because of the march by the Party of the Swedes, which wants to stop immigration and reserve Swedish citizenship for people with “Western genetic and cultural heritage.”

Polls show it only has a fraction of the support needed to enter the national Parliament in upcoming elections on 14 September.