Up in smoke: WHO's plans to stub out e-cigarettes

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Up in smoke: WHO's plans to stub out e-cigarettes

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No smoke without fire is the line taken by the World Health Organisation on electronic cigarettes. It has recommended banning them in public places over fears they could pose a health risk. It is a controversial as we find out in this edition of Perspectives, our round-up of how European TV channels have been reporting a major story.

We have three reports; the first from France 2 asks if the e-cigarette is more dangerous than previously thought, particularly for foetuses and adolescents.

Spain’s TVE also aired a report on the WHO’s call for stricter controls on electronic cigarettes. Its story focuses on the opinions offered by the world body’s experts on the possible risks involved in using the substitute cigarettes.

Similar themes were explored by Italy’s Rai Uno. In its report the channel looked at the WHO’s health warnings and the declining popularity of e-smoking in Italy.

Both the use of e-cigarettes and the WHO’s recent report on their potential health risks remain controversial in many countries. In Portugal there’s no legislation yet on their use. Our final report by state TV channel RTP looks at how the e-cigarette market is gearing up for legislation.

Watch the video for all these stories in full.