Pakistan army moves in to resolve political crisis

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Pakistan army moves in to resolve political crisis

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Pakistan’s army has stepped in to mediate between the government and opposition leaders who have headed weeks of mass protests.

Prime minister Nawaz Sharif is accused of corruption and election fraud.

Opposition leader and Cleric Tahir al-Qadri is one of many calling for his resignation.

“I want to thank the army chief, and the Pakistan army as an institution,” said Qadri, “for coming forward to find a peaceful solution to this crisis.”

Qadri wants Sharif to face trial over the killing of 14 of the cleric’s supporters in clashes with the police in the eastern city of Lahore in June.

The army chief wants the stand-off resolved in 24 hours.

Opposition leader and former cricketer Imran Khan has also called for Sharif to quit.

“I am now going for the negotiations. And God wiling, we will either have celebrations here tomorrow, or this movement will need to take a new turn,” said Sharif.

The protests have sparked fears of unrest in Pakistan which is battling Taliban militants and has a history of political turmoil and military rule.