Meghan Trainor hits the big time

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Meghan Trainor hits the big time

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Meghan Trainor says her song “All About That Bass” is an ode to plus-sized women.

She says she originally tried to sell the song to other artists, but when she was turned down, she decided to record it herself: “We tried pitching it, and labels were like, ‘We love it, but you have to reproduce it. You got to get it more synth-y, pop-y, and there’s not any artist who can do it right now.’ And we’re like, ‘We know. It’s OK.’ But we looked at each other like, ‘Man, I thought this was a hit, but I guess not.’ Got shut down.”

Things changed however when Epic CEO LA Reid heard the song and signed Meghan Trainor to Epic Records. And now the song has already been watched around 34 million times on Youtube.

Meghan Trainor says she gets a lot of fan mail from men, women and teenagers: “It’s amazing. It’s everything I could ever hope and dream of. I was just in the car on the way here trying to respond to everyone.I get videos from older women or older dudes; and even babies. I got a lot of baby fans, they’re just shaking their bodies trying to dance to it. So it’s incredible.”

There are shadows on the horizon however. Commentators have noticed similarities between “All About That Bass” and Phish’s 1989 hit “Contact” and Koyote’s 2006 hit “Happy Mode”.

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