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ex-Bond back in action


ex-Bond back in action

Pierce Brosnan is back in action in The November Man. In many ways it’s a reprise of his Bond role, an action-packed drama involving a retired CIA operative searching to unravel the final clue to a decades old conspiracy. His ex-pupil is pitted against him and there’s a babe to die for, slinking about in a mini dress made out of a handkerchief. Oh and yup, there’s blood, car chases, shoot outs and all that stuff too.

The film is obviously seeking to capitalise on the big bucks made by Red and other oldie-action-flicks. And since it’s based on a series of novels by Bill Granger, there’s plenty of material for further outings of the Peter Devereaux character, should there be enough bums on seats to tempt producers.

But that could be the problem. Brosnan has enough fans, and the genre definitely pulls in audiences. But critics complain of weak scripting (particularly in the second half of the movie) and bloggers say that Devereux hasn’t got a patch on Bourne.

On the other hand, Brosnan at 61 has finally shed the smooth skin and emerged as a fully-sexed, ruggedly-rough action hero. So perhaps this could be the start of a brand new franchise after all?

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