Syrian planes bomb rebel-held border post near Golan Heights

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Syrian planes bomb rebel-held border post near Golan Heights

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Syria’s civil war continues to spill over towards Israeli-held territory – with reports of President Assad’s jets shelling rebel positions close to the occupied Golan Heights.

They are battling al Qaeda’s Syria wing – the Al Nusra Front – and other Islamist insurgents who are said to have seized a border crossing, amid fierce fighting in the strategic area.

A rebel source insists the Islamists are holding their ground despite the heavy bombardment.

During the clashes, two Israelis were wounded by errant fire – a soldier and a civilian, both in the Golan Heights.

Israel captured the western part of the plateau from Syria in 1967 and annexed it, in a move not internationally recognised.

Israel said it fired on two Syrian army positions in response to the cross-border incident.

But the roof of an Israeli winery was also hit in this, the latest overflow of violence in Syria’s three-year-old conflict.

Lebanon’s army is also said to have shelled militant positions in the border zone with Syria, near a town captured by Islamist rebels.