Libya warns of looming 'civil war' as UN passes resolution to tackle the crisis

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Libya warns of looming 'civil war' as UN passes resolution to tackle the crisis

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The UN Security Council has passed a resolution tightening an arms embargo for Libya and extending sanctions to those thought to be fueling the conflict.

It’s feared the violence could spread elsewhere in the region and potentially provide a hotbed for terrorism.

The UN’s outgoing envoy to the country, Tarek Mitri, has spoken of a grave situation:

“The chaotic security situation and the very limited capacity of the government to counter the threat may well have created a fertile ground for a mounting danger in Libya and beyond.”

For its part, Libya has warned that the country could descend into a full blown civil war, if rival militias aren’t disarmed.

The recent election of an Islamist backed deputy as the new prime minister has essentially left the country with two rival leaders and parliaments, backed by their own armed groups.

Unconfirmed reports have since surfaced that Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have launched air strikes in Libya to push back the militants.

But one of the more pressing concerns for the international community remains the worsening humanitarian situation. Addressing the UN Security Council, Mitri noted the growing problem:

“ In Tripoli, we have seen an unprecedented movement of population in an attempt to escape the fighting. Conservative figures for those displaced are estimated at over 100-thousand, with at least another 150-thousand, including many migrant workers, have sought refuge abroad”