Erdogan sworn in as Turkey's president amid opposition protests

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Erdogan sworn in as Turkey's president amid opposition protests

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Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been sworn in as Turkey’s new president, amid occasionally rowdy scenes in a parliamentary ceremony in Ankara.

It comes two weeks after his victory in the first round of the presidential vote.

Until now the position has been largely that of a ceremonial figurehead. Erdogan, previously prime minister, wants to change the constitution to boost presidential powers, making it clear he intends very much to remain in charge.

The applause was not unanimous. The main opposition leader boycotted the ceremony, accusing Erdogan of acting above the law.

Another MP asked the speaker for a debate. When the request was refused it sparked anger.

A rule book was thrown at the speaker. Opposition MPs then left the chamber in protest at Erdogan’s refusal to step down as prime minister following his election as president.

Over the past decade Turkey has experienced huge economic growth and played an increasingly influential role in the Middle East.

But Erdogan’s opponents fear the new president is seeking to impose his own style on Turkey in an increasingly authoritarian manner.

Thursday also sees the former foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu officially take the reins as prime minister. The new government is due to be revealed on Friday.