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Belle and Sebastian front-man helms 'God Help the Girl'


Belle and Sebastian front-man helms 'God Help the Girl'

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‘God Help the Girl’ was written and directed by Belle and Sebastian front-man Stuart Murdoch. Emily Browning and Olly Alexander take the lead roles in a pop/rock musical about young people starting a band.

The film is just the latest to be shot in and around Glasgow. (We’re thinking Scarlett Johansson vehicle ‘Under the Skin’, Tom Hanks extravaganza ‘Cloud Atlas’, Brad Pitt Zombie thriller ‘World War Z\, plus a whole list of other features including ‘An Englishman Abroad’, ‘Heavenly Pursuits’, ‘The House of Mirth’, and ‘Unleashed’ (which features Morgan Freeman shopping in a Glaswegian branch of the supermarket chain Spar).

Stuart Murdoch says it is no wonder the city is becoming a star” “I would recommend making a film in Glasgow. It’s such an easy city to move around. That was one thing the crew were saying when they came up to Glasgow. Logistically it’s a pretty groovy town. It’s not too packed anymore, it’s not too crazy like London. And people let you do what you want. And if they don’t let you, just go do it anyway.”

‘God Help the Girl’ follows in the footsteps of ‘Mamma Mia’ by stringing a collection of Belle and Sebastian numbers into a loose plot, and presenting the results as a musical. And as such, critics have called it sweet, charming and quirky.

For established Belle and Sebastian fans it is required viewing. And for aficionados of dance musicals the film just might introduce them to their new favourite indie rock band.

‘God Help the Girl’ is out now in the UK

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