Alex Salmond wins second Scottish independence debate

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Alex Salmond wins second Scottish independence debate

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The leaders of the pro and anti Scottish independence camps met for their second and final televised debate in what turned into another bad tempered encounter.

Both both men talked over each other on issues of currency, taxation and spending with occasionally allowing each other to
make a point.

Alex Salmond, Scottish National Party leader:

“The case for independence depends on a simple proposition, no one, absolutely no one will run the affairs of this country better than the people who live and work in Scotland, no one cares more about Scotland, just like in 1979 the voices of doom tell us we can’t do it, we can’t do what whatever every other country takes for granted and just like then they are wrong.”

Observers decided Alex Salmond and his pro-Scottish independence stance won the debate this time round although Alastair Darling may still have the edge.

“While he has been spending the last two years talking, I have been listening. I know that people want change, but they also want security on jobs on pensions on their children’s future. That’s why my message is that “No thanks” will not mean, no change,” said Alistair Darling leader of the “Better Together” campaign.

The referendum is on September 18. At no time in campaigning has the Yes camp been in the lead. However post debate opinion polls point to a narrowing of the gap to less than three percentage points.